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Google code repository

I’ve created a googlecode repository for the AstroDAbis project, at

It’s a Mercurial repository (which I now strongly prefer over Subversion).  For those who haven’t used Mercurial before, here are a couple of intros:

At present, there’s nothing in there except some design documents.  That should change.

I’ve chosen the ‘New BSD’ licence for the project, after giving the matter about 10 seconds thought.  Anyone who objects should squeal now.


It appears that all project codes have now been obtained, all budgets created and re-summed, all collaboration agreements secured, all posts continued.

There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

AstroDAbis begins

AstroDAbis blog created – project-management deliverable number one: done!

At the programme start-up meeting in Oxford, Paola suggested that posting once a week would be desirable.  I don’t know if we’ll quite manage that, but I’ll take this on as a goal.  Hmm: prolixity’s not normally a problem….