AstroDAbis’s beta service

The AstroDAbis project’s annotation service is now up and running at, for your delight and delectation.

This is a beta service.  It works, but we think we still have some work to do to make it a bit more user-friendly, and to integrate it more fully into the set of services that ROE offers.  That’s scheduled to happen over the summer, as part of ROE’s intended revamp of its services.

If you spot any problems with the service, please do let us know.

Moving gracefully towards the end…

The AstroDAbis project is moving towards its final stages.  JISC extended our project end-date, to better mesh with an anticipated revamp of associated services within the host unit.  That revamp’s been rescheduled a bit, so now is probably a good time to wrap up where we’ve got to.

Project-end paperwork beckons, oh joy.

We asked colleagues at the Wide-Field Astronomy Unit at Edinburgh, to look at the beta services produced by the AstroDAbis project.  These reviewers – at one of the AstroDAbis sites, but not affiliated to the project – have produced a report on the utility and performance of the project’s principal output, and that’s attached to this post.

End date adjusted

The project’s formal end-date was recently adjusted, to the end of October, which is when we expect to have our deliverables in place.

It’s still our expectation that the service will be assessed by ROE, with the expectation of adopting it as a supported service for inter-archive annotation. We’ll pass on more news on that as soon as we know.

Humming along

We’re making quiet progress. We’ve got a demo service plumbed together on a development machine, and are finding out which tools aren’t working quite as well as advertised (ahem!). But we know whom to chase.

So, boxes being ticked, services set up, hitches being discovered (ooh, I didn’t know it did that!), wrinkles smoothed.


Google code repository

I’ve created a googlecode repository for the AstroDAbis project, at

It’s a Mercurial repository (which I now strongly prefer over Subversion).  For those who haven’t used Mercurial before, here are a couple of intros:

At present, there’s nothing in there except some design documents.  That should change.

I’ve chosen the ‘New BSD’ licence for the project, after giving the matter about 10 seconds thought.  Anyone who objects should squeal now.


It appears that all project codes have now been obtained, all budgets created and re-summed, all collaboration agreements secured, all posts continued.

There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

AstroDAbis begins

AstroDAbis blog created – project-management deliverable number one: done!

At the programme start-up meeting in Oxford, Paola suggested that posting once a week would be desirable.  I don’t know if we’ll quite manage that, but I’ll take this on as a goal.  Hmm: prolixity’s not normally a problem….